Talking about Roe v. Wade:

“Generation Gap: Remembering the Cold War,”

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Don’t call it Obamacare:

Keynote address, Monitoring Parents Conference at the University of Kent Canterbury:

“About those Boardwalk Baby Incubators” Metropolis 8 October 2010                            

Here is a recent interview about the incubators:

“Alcohol and Pregnancy,”BBC Radio 4 Women’s Hour 22 June 2010

“History Echoes in Health Care Crisis: Vanishing Maternity Services a Major Setback for the Region’s Health,” Philadelphia Inquirer 16 December 2009

“Fetal Alcohol Syndrome” Podcast Chemical Heritage Foundation 2008

“A Conversation with Janet Golden: Sorting Out Ambivalence over Alcohol and Pregnancy,” New York Times 25 January 2005

“Opinion: Stopping Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: Women Who Drink Need Treatment,” Seattle Post Intelligencer, 20 March 2005


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